Deep Tissue Massage for Shoulder Pain

Massage is really useful for shoulder pain

The possible causes of Shoulder Pain

  • You fell six months/1 year/4 years ago and your shoulder has been painful ever since.
  • You work where you hold heavy tools out in front of you i.e. trimming hedges, cleaning walls or, tattooing.
  • You don’t know how your shoulder pain started, but you play a racket sport like: squash, badminton or tennis. Or go mountain biking for hours at a time, or weight training.
  • You’re a golfer and because the course is wet, you are not allowed to use your trolley and have to carry your golfing bag on your shoulder.
  • You are decorating
  • You have been working in the garden
  • You’ve been holding your tablet or Ipad for hours whist you play games and you discover you can’t lift your arm, put a jumper on or change gear and you’re in a lot of pain
  • You have been demonstrating to the grandchildren just how to hang from the monkey bars in the playground
  • You work at the computer and use the mouse a lot.

The Symptoms of shoulder pain that can be helped by massage

  • It’s getting more and more painful, making it difficult to sleep at night. Every time you turn over it wakes you up. You have pain at the top of the shoulder, base of the neck and it’s running down the arm too.
  • I get a pain in my shoulder when I try to raise my arm to the front
  • I can’t rais my arm at all without it causing a lot of pain
  • I am finding difficult to raise my arm behind me to undo my bra strap.
  • Pain in the front of the shoulder
  • Pain in the back of the shoulder
  • Pain at the side of shoulder/ top of the arm
  • Pain in shoulder and running down the arm and pins and needles in your fingers
  • The shoulder hurts when the arm is just hanging by your side

How Massage can help relieve shoulder pain

Massage works to ease tense and painful muscles softening the tension and allowing the muscle to relax and work properly. Sometimes during a massage we will come across trigger points (knots) in the muscle, which effectively shorten the muscle. Imagine tying a knot in a rubber band and see how that effects the performance. It effects its ability to stretch and contract and it’s just the same with a muscle. We place gentle pressure on the trigger point, massaging it until it releases and softens. Which allows the muscle to move freely and do it’s job properly. Which in turn removes the pain you are experiencing.

How Many Massage Treatments will I need?

This is a very individual thing. It will depend on how long its been painful for. Sometimes the longer the more stubbornly ingrained the trigger points the more massage will be required to release the tension. Trigger points and tension spread outwards. If one muscle is tight and sore, the body starts trying to use other muscles to do the job of the affected muscle. These muscles aren’t supposed to be doing what the body is asking them to do, or at least aren’t meant to take on all the work, (think about how you start to use one hand or leg to protect the other one when it’s hurting). These muscles start to tighten and get knotted. The pain spreads outwards. Soon its not just your shoulder, its your arm and back too. Ideally it’s a good idea to come for massage and soon as your shoulder starts to get painful. Please note if you have had a fall, get your shoulder checked with your GP to ensure you haven’t torn a tendon.