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I recently had a lovely life coaching testimonial:

I began Life Coaching with Vivienne, Invest In You, in the midst of lockdown, via Skype.  I was feeling uncertain about my business and future.   Through Vivienne’s gentle meditations and good questioning some hidden issues were uncovered.  As part of the programme we did some ‘virtual’ EFT tapping on those issues which cleared the way for ideas and possibilities to show up.

I recently completed the full programme, meeting in person, and I feel more confident and positive about my future.  I have a few options for my business that I never would have considered before.

If you feel stuck, face an obstacle or on a rocky road to nowhere in life, I truly recommend Vivienne of Invest In You.  She is always positively focused, gentle yet firmly keeps you on track, encourages you over the hurdles with a smile and laughter making the process fun and enjoyable.  I felt heard in confidence and without judgment, which was a new concept for me and I really appreciate the value in that.

I will very much miss our sessions together.

L.A. 2020

If you would like to find out more about life coaching give me a ring on:07905006678

On the 3rd August 2020 Nice says “Commonly used (Drug) treatments for chronic pain can do more harm than good and should not be used”

NICE is The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) provides national guidance and advice to improve health and social care.And on 3rd August 2020 they said:

NICE is The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) provides national guidance and advice to improve health and social care.And on 3rd August 2020 they said:

“A number of commonly used drug treatments for chronic primary pain have little or no evidence that they work and shouldn’t be prescribed, NICE has said in its draft clinical guideline published today (3 August 2020) on the assessment and management of chronic pain in over 16s”.

I’ve been practising massage for fifteen years now and I have seen over the course of years, a number of people who have been prescribed pain killers to help with the pain. The thing with pain killers is that they do not fix the cause of your pain. They mask or hide it for a while. Pain after all is a signal from your body, telling you that something is wrong. So by hiding it your are ignoring what your body is telling you.

Now I will admit that not every instance of pain can be fixed by massage. But if you have been:

  • over doing the exercise
  • lifting something heavy or awkward
  • sitting at a desk for long periods without moving – and I’m seeing this more and more now people have been working from home and not sitting correctly or have desks and chairs that are the wrong height
  • had a fall and twisted a knee ankle or put your arm out to save yourself, hurting your shoulder
  • or the pain has been coming on for a long time and progressively getting worse
  • had the pain for years, after any of the above and its not getting any better and the pain killers aren’t helping
  • You’ve been having physiotherapy recommended by your GP and it isn’t helping

The chances are that you have trigger points in the muscle. These can give you varying degrees of pain, but at their worst trigger points can cause excruciating and long term pain that affects the quality of your life and stops you from sleeping. Trigger point pain can be fixed by massage.

If you have been given a diagnosis of:

  • bursitis,
  • frozen shoulder
  • or tendonitis,

give us a ring and discuss it with us. It’s quite possible its been misdiagnosed and again your pain can be tigger point based.

Rather than resort to taking pain killers, or even antidepressants as they now recommend, get to the cause of the pain and fix it with massage.

Call us on:07905006678 to book a massage appointment in Plymstock.