Massage for Toothache

Suprising as it might sound, trigger points can be responsible for toothache. It is of course always best to go to your dentist first to check out the cause of toothache. When your dentist cannot find any decay to be the cause it is more likely to be related to trigger points in the facial muscles.

There are two particular muscles that can refer pain into the teeth and make it feel as if you have real toothache. These muscles are:

  • The Masseter
  • Temporalis

The Masseter muscle stretches between your cheek and jaw and is used when you bite or chew. It can get very tight and incur trigger points when you clench your jaw for long periods of time, when you grind your teeth at night or when you have to hold your mouth open wide during long courses of dental treatment. It refers pain into the teeth of the upper and lower jaw.

The Temporalis Muscle is a thin fan shaped muscle sits as you may guess at the temple beside the corner of the eye and fans out behind the ear at the side of the head. It referes pain into the upper teeth. (Science Direct – The Temporalis Muscle).

Masssage can help to soften and relax the muscles, gradually working to the release trigger points which are causing dental pain.

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