Sports Massage for Shin Splints

What are Shin Splints?

Shin Splints are a dull aching feeling in the front of the shin. Often aggravated byexercise. Most often felt by runners or athletes.

Causes of Shin Splints

The repetitiveness of training

  • Running on hard surfaces
  • Not taking enough rest days
  • Over training
  • Not warming up properly
  • Not warming down properly
  • Shoes that are too worn (past their sell by date)
  • Injuries affecting running style

Diagnosis of Shin Splints

Shin splints can be a general term for a number of different complaints.

  • If the pain is predominately on one side and is inflamed it could be a stress fracture.
  • If the skin is being pulled tight and has a shiny appearance its possible that the cause maybe Compartment Syndrome. You will need to get a diagnosis from you GP to rule both of these out, as massage is not an appropriate treatment for shin splints or comartment syndrome. due to swelling and inflamation.When these conditions have been ruled out then massage is a good treatment for painful stressed muscles and trigger points.
  • Regular mssage can be used to help prevent shin splints, which occur most often in runners, dancers and military recruits.

The muscles involved in Shin Splints

When muscles knot up, (have trigger points) they can send pain to the Shin and the frontof the lower leg.

Muscles that often refer pain to the shin

Tibialis Anterior Massage works by gradually softening these trigger points and allowing the muscle to regain its flexibility,so dissolving the pain,

How many massages will I need?

It depends on:

  • How long you have had Shin Splints – the earlier you can get a massage the better. The injury and tension will become less entrenched.
  • How painful the injury is – the more painful it is the more gradual the massage – as the massage needs to be as comfortable as possible,