Massage MOT

Massage Couch

Have a regular Massage or a Massage MOT

Is just like a tune up or an MOT for your car. Having a regular massage can help you to relax and have a pain free body.

Having a Massage MOT has many benefits it can:

  • Reduce stress – this benefits the immune system (5 ways massage impacts the immune system –
  • Help you to fully relax improving your sleep
  • Help to keep on top of muscular tension so that is doesn’t develop into pain that keeps you awake at night. This can be especially useful if you spend long hours sitting at a desk, working on a computer (leading to stiff neck and shoulders) or have a physical job such as Plumber, Electritcian or Builder.
  • Help if you have a job (such as dentist) where your sitting position twists or strains parts of you body like you lower back. It is much nicer to get a massage and stop it getting painful rather than wait till it gets painful and then have to get a massage, prevention is better than cure.
  • Help to relieve headaches caused by muscular tension.

There are a variety of treatments to choose from for your regular MOT or we can combine treatments for part relaxation and part working on the knots, pain and tension:

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