Client Testimonials

February 2022 / Deep Tissue Massage (Google Review)

So glad to have found Viv. After breaking my arm and shattering my shoulder about 18 months ago all my muscles had seized and movement was limited. Viv has worked wonders and although often painful she knows what she is doing and I know I’m investing in a more mobile me. Feel great. after her. E. R.

November 2021 / Deep Tissue Massage (in person)

Since the last massage for Tennis Elbow I haven’t had any pain in my Elbow at all. It’s gone completely. S. T.

October 2019 / Deep Tissue Relaxing Massage (in Person)

Hi Viv. My blood pressure before seeing you was 197/114 and the same day after seeing you was 144/88! Amazing thx. V.O.

May 19 / Deep Abdominal Massage & Deep Tissue Massage combined (Txt)

Hi Viv. Just had to tell you how different my stomach feels now, it’s amazing. I feel much brighter now too, you’re a miracle worker. Thank you S.R.

January 2019 / Deep Tissue Massage (Google Review)

I’ve been seeing Viv for years and highly recommend her work. She keeps me a functioning human 😍 K.D.

July 18 / Sports Massage (Email)

The most effective massage I’ve ever had. I’ve had long standing pains in my neck and shoulder blade that cause me migraines. I’ve tried different masseurs over the years with varying degrees of success. I booked a sports massage with Vivienne after finding her on the internet and it was amazing. Really powerful. She was the only masseur to point out that the pain was coming from a different muscle to the one I thought. I’m still feeling the benefits and will definitely go back. Excellent. L.J.

December/17 Deep Tissue Massage (Google)

Viv is amazing, over the years she has solved many of my injuries from my manual job. Very knowledgeable, experienced and friendly. Booking an appointment is really easy. .A.G.

August/17 Deep Tissue Massage (Google)

This wonderful lady has helped me so much with her deep tissue massage would highly recommend. M.G.

23/07/17 Deep Tissue Massage (Facebook)

I’ve had a bad shoulder for two years. I had two visits and it is so much better. Going again this week. Do a lot of sport so she is a god send. M.F.

06/04/16 Deep Tissue Massage (txt)

Hello Vivienne. I just wanted to say thank you for giving me real peace and calm through your hands and words this morning. What you do is truly good and special. Keep Smiling.C.B.

22/04/15  Deep Tissue Massage (Facebook)

My first visit to this wonderful lady today. Simply the best deep tissue massage I have ever had. Can’t wait until your trained in Thai Viv. Thank you so much for a top notch treatment that hit all the right spots. Roll on next time.A. B.

12/01/15 Deep Tissue Massage (txt)

Just a text to say thank you very much for the deep tissue massage last Monday. By Wednesday evening the slight discomfort I had, had gone, and I’ve not had any stiffness or pains in my neck or shoulders. Will definitely book with you again if I get any further problems.Regards, A. T

11/14 Deep Tissue Massage (Google)

Viv was very professional and knowledgeable. She was easy to talk to and helped me prepare for my upcoming half marathon. I would highly recommend her. D. M.

27/03/14, Deep Tissue Massage

My leg feels so much better I wish you could do that every day.N.S

07/03/14, Deep Tissue Massage

I am so relaxed I feel as if I have been drugged.T.S.

28/02/14, Sports Massage (txt)

“Hi its S.H. Hope you are OK and Well. Run’s so far 5+a fast 4+4+7.5 and 13 today and my leg! legs are feeling good so thank you very much for your help again. MARATHON in 5 weeks today.”

9/02/14, Firm but relaxing Massage (txt)

“No cramp 2day! Thanku for the sublime treatment Viv D.P

Feb/2014, Google Review

I suffer with Fibromyalgia and ME. Viv is amazing at relieving deep painful knots and is brilliant for relieving my fatigue. Can’t recommend her enough. H. W

Nov/2013 Google Review

I have been visiting Camomiles for muscle aches for 5 years or so now, Vivienne is excellent at finding the muscle pain and reducing it (although sometimes painful!) The room is always clean and warm and Vivienne always takes time in discussion with you before starting to assess any areas which need concentrating on. There is free parking. To find camomiles make sure you head up the stairs or lift to the first floor, camomiles is in the County Chiropractic Clinic. She has really helped me with the stresses and strains of life, thanks Viv xN.R

Deep Tissue Massage

“It’s amazing since my last massage I’ve barely felt a twinge in my shoulder and it’s been a problem for the last 2 ½ yearsJ.P. “