Welcome to Invest in You

Sorry we are closed again for lockdown

Have you considered how important it is to Invest in Yourself? 

You after all are the most important person in your life. We often spend and invest on the material things that surround us, and give very little thought to ourselves. We might manage the odd yoga class or enjoy using the gym or running, but what about the other aspects of our health and well being?

How important do you consider your health and wellbeing is to the quality of your life?

We are now able to provide massage again 🙂 and I will be updating the appointments pages so take a look and choose an appointment to suit you.

You can also invest in yourself with Life Coaching. Giving yourself the time and space to consider what is most important to you and what you want your life to be like.

If you keep repeating patterns in relationships or career for example that you can’t seem to get past. Or perhaps you have come to one of those turning points in life, have been made redundant, had a relationship break up, are retiring, or maybe you have just got to that point in life where you think, there must be more than this, or where do I go from here. Take a look at Life Coaching .

Invest in yourself with Emotional Freedom Technique leaving your fears and limiting beliefs behind with this simple, gentle and effective technique. Use EFT for moving past those fears that hold us back. These could be general fears about situations or things such as fear of heights, flying, spiders, water etc. Or more general yet pervasive personal beliefs such as lack of self confidence, difficult relationships with family members or partners. Food addictions, and challenges around food. EFT can be used for almost any emotional or fear based challenged if you are interested take a look at Emotional Freedom technique and what it can do for you