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Have you considered how important it is to Invest in Yourself? Good ways to invest in yourself can be Massage, Emotional Freedom Technique and Life Coaching.


One way to invest in yourself is with Massage. Perhaps by sorting out that nagging pain or stiff shoulder with Deep Tissue Massage.

If you are suffering from muscular pain and tension which can cause and contribute to : Frozen shoulder, Headaches and Migraines, Lower back pain, Knee pain, Hip pain  Plantar FasciitisSciatica, even Tennis and Golfers Elbow massage can help. Book a Deep  Tissue Massage

Massage can help to drop the stress that accumulates in our minds and bodies from the every day challenges of work and family or even the more unusual stresses like this difficult last year that we have all been through. It can help you relax to the point your mind wanders off and stops thinking. You can have Deep tissue massage for relaxation or I also offer Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Access Bars , Sports Swedish Body and Deep Abdominal and Colon massage.

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A massage treatment

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique otherwise known as EFT is another great way to drop the stress, fears and limiting beliefs we carry. It is an effective technique that works by tapping on various accupressure points and it can be used to help us move past those fears that hold us back. These could be general fears about situations or things such as fear of:

  • Heights,
  • Flying,
  • Spiders,
  • Water etc.

Or more general yet pervasive personal beliefs such as lack of

  • Self confidence,
  • Relationships difficulties
  • Challenging memories
  • Food addictions, and challenges around food.

EFT can be used for almost any emotional challenge if you are interested take a look at Emotional Freedom technique and what it can do for you.

Life coaching 

Try life coaching if you keep repeating patterns in relationships or career for example that you can’t seem to get past. Or perhaps you have come to one of those turning points in life, have been made redundant, had a relationship break up, are retiring, or maybe you have just got to that point in life where you think, there must be more than this, or where do I go from here. Take a look at Life Coaching .