Sports Massage

Massage Treatment

If you dance, cycle, run, play football, rugby, squash, body build, climb, in fact, if you do any type of sport you can benefit from sports massage. It works to soften and relax the muscle, lessening tension in tight, painful knots and muscle fibres. So the muscle becomes more flexible and can perform more efficiently

Sports Massage for maintaining flexibility and injury prevention

If you enjoy a lot of sporting activity, sports massage can be used on a regular basis (4, 6 or 8 weeks ) to help prevent injury during sporting activities such as running, badminton, squash or weight training (or any sport or physical activity). Or during the run up to or whilst training for a specific event like a marathon

Pre and post event:

Pre event massage is good preparation for a special event getting your muscles to be the most supple, responsive and prepared for the event. Post event massage is good for softening down the tension and strain after the event.

Sports massage for treating specific Injuries

This type of will focus on the problem area for example a frozen shoulder or pulled hamstring, for instance warming and relaxing the soft tissue and stretching out muscles and that are shortened, tightened and painful, helping to significantly speed up recovery.

Examples of injuries that can be treated by massage: