Deep Tissue Massage for Sciatica

Deep Tissue Massage for Sciatica

Sciatica is pain affecting the lower back, hip and side of the leg sometimes caused by tension in the Piriformis muscle putting pressure on a nerve. Other causes are knots in some of the Glute muscles mimicking Sciatic pain. Both causes can be helped by deep tissue massage. Massage for Sciatica is a really good way to get rid of the trigger points.

The possible causes of Sciatica

  • Running
  • Bending forward and pressure washing a patio/decking etc
  • A lot of driving (too much sitting)
  • Quick changes of direction in sporting activities such as tennis, football etc
  • Work that makes you twist and lift
  • Unaccustomed vigorous activity
  • Prolonged immobility

The Symptoms of Sciatica that can be helped by massage

  • Pain running down the back (hamstrings) and or side of the leg starting in the bottom/hip area
  • Numbness and tingling in the foot and the back of the leg
  • You’re unable to find a comfortable sitting position
  • Prickly tingling sensations in your feet after sitting too long
  • A numb thigh
  • Walking is painful
  • Getting up from a chair is painful
  • You get Sciatica frequently (more women then men get sciatica frequently)

How Massage can help Sciatica

Massage works to ease tense and painful muscles softening the tension and allowing the muscle to relax and work properly. Sometimes during a massage we will come across trigger points (knots) in the muscle, which effectively shorten the muscle. Imagine tying a knot in a rubber band and see how that effects the performance. It effects its ability to stretch and contract and it’s just the same with a muscle. We place gentle pressure on the trigger point, massaging it until it releases and softens. Which allows the muscle to move freely and do it’s job properly. Which in turn removes the pain you are experiencing.

Muscles which when tense or knotted contribute to Sciatica

  • Piriformis
  • Gluteus, Minimus
  • Vastus Lateralis

How Many Massage Treatments will I need?

This is a very individual thing. It can depend on:

  • How long its been painful. Sometime the longer the more stubbornly ingrained the knot and tension the more massage will be required.
  • It can depend on what you do between massages. If you go back to for instance full on weight training when your muscles are not entirely recovered then you risk putting your body back to square one.Sometimes we can sort the pain with one treatment. Sometimes it will take two to three, everyone is different and the amount of massage required will vary from person to person.


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