Steam inhalations, more effective than toilet roll for stopping colds in their track


Several times last year before Christmas I worked with people with awful colds, which is the norm for that time of year. I enjoy family time at Christmas, but have to be very careful to be well, as one of my family members has a very low functioning immune system due to having a spleen removed. So in the past, if I have a cold I have missed Christmas with my family and very disappointing it has been. Once my Christmas dinner was baked beans on toast. Which was not improved, by family who kept ringing me to tell me what a lovely roast dinner they had had. 🙁

Last year though when I have noted that first sign of a tickle in the back of my throat or that any of the signs my body gives me that I might be going down with something. I tried the traditional Steam Inhalation with Lavender and Tea Tree, both anti viral and anti bacteria and it worked. Sometimes I had to have several attempts to get rid of the tickle, but it worked. I didn’t go down with anything and I got to spend family time at Christmas.

Equipment required.

Tea Tree or Lavender essential oil (one or both, Eucalyptus is also great)

Bowl of steaming water (put some cold water in or it will feel as if you are burning your eyelids – as I found out)

Towel to cover head and bowl.


Add essential oil to steaming water -10 drops, enough to smell it quiet strongly – but not enough to taste it (also poured in too much once)

Cover head and bowl with a towel and inhale for a few minutes.

Repeat as necessary.


  • A small bottle of lavender or tea tea can be added to your wash bag for treatment while your traveling (most hotel rooms have a kettle and a sink).
  • For most people tea tree and lavender can be used directly on the skin (don’t over do it and be careful if you have sensitive skin). So would make last minute hand sanitizers.

Other more accurate instructions can be found, but this is what worked for me 🙂

I don’t find tjis method effective if I already have a cold but as a preventative it’s great.

Here’s a link to a scientific article about the effectiveness of tea tree and other essential oils to kill viruses:

An article about the various properties of essential oils including antiviral!po=0.815217

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