Nutrition Testimonials

Testimonial 03/09/17

I went to see Lorraine because I was desperate. I was exhausted, truly and utterly exhausted. I thought my Anemia had come back as I couldn’t walk upstairs without having to stop to catch my breath. I didn’t have any energy to do anything. I was sleeping in the afternoon and evening as well as sleeping at night. I was close to tears most of the time and I knew that I shouldn’t feel like this. I had blood tests at the doctors and they said I wasn’t Anemic. Chatting to Lorraine during the consultation was easy. She was sympathetic and explained what was happening. I have one thing to cut out of my food and I feel entirely different. My energy has come back, I don’t even think about walking up the stairs now. I can walk around town shopping all afternoon without having to sit down. I’ve even lost weight (a side bonus).  I can recommend Lorraine especially when like me you don’t know what else to do. 


Testimonial 07/08/17

Lorraine was recommended to me, as I was suffering from increasingly frequent episodes of stomach cramps and loose bowel movements. In addition, I constantly had bouts of little or no energy and a feeling of “bloating” whenever I ate. After a variety of medical tests, a vague “it could be a touch of IBS” diagnosis was given, but the issues continued. Over the course of three appointments with Lorraine, she identified how my symptoms were related to my diet and I was given plenty of advice and ideas on how to make permanent, healthy changes, including identifying a food  intolerance. It was all done in a friendly manner, without it ever feeling like “preaching” or being “told off” and it really felt like we were working together. The changes made to my diet have pretty much eradicated my symptoms and if I do get them, I can usually identify what I’ve eaten that has caused them. I would recommend Lorraine’s nutritional advice to anyone and in fact, I regularly do! One piece of advice from me is be brutally honest with your food diary – Lorraine can’t help you to improve it if she doesn’t know its in your diet!