Chronic Fatigue Case Study

On first meeting this client, there were severe energy and fatigue issues, the client would say they were suffering from chronic fatigue.The symptoms have become quite debilitating for someone so young. The client had sought help from their GP and had found the Iron levels were extremely low and cycle of iron supplements became the option for the client over an 18 month period, however periods of feeling well would soon be met be periods of exhaustion, not even being able to walk up stairs.Yet more tests from the GP revealed Iron levels were within range coupled with abnormal white blood cell count.What will be interesting to know is that the client was suffering from malabsorption. This meant that we needed to start getting the digestion system going. If we are not digesting our food properly, we will not absorb the nutrients needed in the body to support the bodies daily functions, and requirements.I am pleased to say that in just a short period of time and some basic changes to diet. The client’s energy levels are now returning to normal and the white blood cell count has dropped to the point where the G.P is no longer asking for further blood tests.I am always delighted with the success clients have and these results just continue to reaffirm that we need to look  at how we are fuelling our bodies.