Life Coaching Testimonials

I began Life Coaching with Vivienne, Invest In You, in the midst of lockdown, via Skype.  I was feeling uncertain about my business and future.   Through Vivienne’s gentle meditations and good questioning some hidden issues were uncovered.  As part of the programme we did some ‘virtual’ EFT tapping on those issues which cleared the way for ideas and possibilities to show up.

I recently completed the full programme, meeting in person, and I feel more confident and positive about my future.  I have a few options for my business that I never would have considered before.

If you feel stuck, face an obstacle or on a rocky road to nowhere in life, I truly recommend Vivienne of Invest In You.  She is always positively focused, gentle yet firmly keeps you on track, encourages you over the hurdles with a smile and laughter making the process fun and enjoyable.  I felt heard in confidence and without judgment, which was a new concept for me and I really appreciate the value in that.

I will very much miss our sessions together.

L.A. 2020

At a time of great change in my life, Vivienne and I worked on me – gently and in an unselfish way, but gaining a focus by taking time to talk and be heard in a safe, nurturing environment.

With Viv’s calm help I learned different techniques to explore my values and wishes to see how they can fit with my future. It’s been empowering to recognise what motivates me and how I can make time to include these things in my life.

As issues / blocks arose we utilised specific strategies to resolve them; several of which I continue to practise – for example in setting boundaries to those who take more energy from me than they give.

I gained such a lot – I’m much clearer about how to use meditations to relax and keep myself calmer and less anxious; this in turn gives me space to continue to think (and act!) on what I chose to do next and how. I am very grateful for the sessions as they have helped me understand and regain the power that’s in me.

C.R. 2020

For me Life Coaching has helped to become clearer of what I want for my life. When I started this process I was at a crossroads in my life. I had quit my job, left my relationship and I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with my life moving forward. I felt that I had wonderful ideas about what I could do but I didn’t have the skills to put any of it into action. Life coaching helped me to look at those potential blocks and unpick what they could be. We then worked on them by using various techniques and I was able to envision a future that I wanted. I was then encouraged to look at the first few steps I could take to start on this path. It sounds very simple and I guess it is but having someone supportive with a set of skills that I didn’t possess was the key to moving forward. We used tapping as a form of removing certain blocks and it was incredibly powerful. Issues that I had been struggling with all of life suddenly felt a bit easier. They didn’t disappear but it gave me enough movement to allow myself to really look at the issue and untangle it. I hadn’t been able to do this before as I was too caught up in it.

L.B 2020