What is EFT and how does it work?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), otherwise known as tapping is an energy therapy. It works by tapping on a variety of acupressure points whilst repeating phrases that relate to the issue you want to work on. These acupressure points are located on the head and upper body.

Everything is energy at it’s very basic level. If you look at the chair that you are sitting on it is made up of millions of atoms vibrating at a rate that gives that chair colour and solidity. You and I are made up of energy too. Emotion is also energy. The body is known to have its own energetic system of Chakras, Meridians and Aura.  EFT works on an energetic level  to clear the trapped energy stored in the meridians related to our memories and experiences.

When we go through a situation that we find stressful (for example flying, heights etc) we trigger our fight, flight or freeze mechanism in the body. Thousands of years ago this helped us survive and keep us safe. This fight or flight reaction floods the body with adrenaline and diverts blood away from the brain and to the organs, such as the heart increasing blood pressure and heart rate and providing blood and energy muscles that will enable us to flee or stand and fight. Life has changed tremendously for us even in the past 20 years. What at one time was the bodies way of keeping us safe from the odd predator or life threatening situation,  now gets triggered regularly by every day things. So the body can be constantly reacting to stress without real danger. Examples might be having an argument with your spouse, watching something that frightens you on T.V. , a stressful job or working situation. The way of using up this adrenalin in the past would have been to fight or run. The body would have used the excess energy the in the action we took. Today we neither fight or flee in reaction to the TV, working situation or argument with our partner and the extra energy has no outlet. This can leave us feeling restless and irritable. Excessively high levels of the hormone due to stress without real danger can cause heart damage, insomnia, and a constant jittery, nervous feeling resulting in anxiety through a constantly elevated stress level. And each time we come across a similar situation we react, increasing our stress levels.

EFT can help to calm that elevated stress level. It can be used to work on the triggers to our responses. So if the first time we experience something  frightening or someone taught us that certain situations were to be thought of as frightening (heights, spiders etc) and it resulted in a fight or flight response. After that each time we come across the same situation or trigger the body recognises it as a threat and will respond with fight or flight. Resulting in an elevated stress level. When we react this way its more instinctive and we are unable to make different choices or handle the situation in a different way. So for example with fears and phobias if you were taught to be scared of heights by a grand parent or parent as an adult you will be frightened of any situation that involves heights. As the adult you are now you know that you are unlikely to get hurt unless you ignore the safety advice, step too close to the edge, don’t strap yourself in or open safety mechanism whilst the big wheel  is in motion. You can make logical decisions about your safety, but your fear and now instinctive reaction will take over and stop you from doing or enjoying any situation that involves your fear.

Examples might be:

  • Fear of flying might prevent you from going on holiday.
  • A fear of repeating relationship patterns or attracting the same type of partner might prevent you from having a relationship.
  • A fear of heights might prevent you taking the hot air balloon ride your family
  • More challenges behaviours and habits that EFT can help with

On a physical level, EFT helps to clear stress response that becomes stuck in the energy pathways/body by tapping on the acupressure points. Allowing us to view the experience in a neutral light giving us the choice in how we handle our next experience when it comes around again. Giving us time and space to think our way through and not to instinctively react as we might have before. EFT does not erase the memory or situation but enables us see it more clearly without the fear attached to it.

In short EFT clears the stress, negative emotions and energetic patterns behind a memory or experience and lowers the stress response.  It helps you shift self limiting beliefs and move closer to the goals. And work with those back seat beliefs that make life seem like an uphill struggle. See more that EFT can help with.

What to expect from an EFT session.