EFT Testimonials

May 2020

Wow.. 0 – calm in 20 mins. Included in that time was tears… I had an amazing session of EFT with Viv. Wasn’t sure what to expect to begin with but so completely at ease. Childhood imprints and beliefs from childhood is soo damaging and at 56 I’ve finally dealt with and let it go.. After my session I felt so light and happy to the point of almost euphoria and I slept so amazingly well.. Something that’s very rare in my life… Can’t recommend Viv enough.. What a difference!! Thank you so much you amazing lady…


May 2020

EFT is such a great tool to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as uncovering the road blocks we are not aware of. I have been using it for many years but found when working with Viv it was so much more powerful and with a few surprises.
Viv is gentle, intuitive and she held me safely with good eye contact and encouragement while we tapped together. We have had sessions in person (before lockdown) and since on Skype. Having experienced the progress by working with a practitioner, I will definitely go to Viv again.