What to expect from an EFT session

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EFT Emotional Freedom Technique 

Each EFT session lasts around an hour.

We will discuss your challenge or fear or challenge, how it makes you feel and any associated memories. I will ask you questions so that we can get a clear picture of when and how it started and how it makes you feel. Along with any secondary beliefs that you have, that may be preventing you from moving forward. Then we will work out together the phrases that resonate with you, to help clear the stress or block. Once we have the SUD level (Subjective unit of distress) down to a 0 we can reinforce with more positive phrases

So for example if you had a fear of public speaking we would:

1.Rate your fear or challenge on a level between 1 – 10 (give it a SUDs rating)

2. create a number of phrases that trigger your feelings and expectations around public speaking:

  • I hate public speaking
  • Public speaking turns my knees to jelly
  • The thought of public speaking makes me feel sick
  • We can also tap through any past negative experiences or memories of public speaking

3. We will tap through these rounds and phrases repeating and clearing the stress until the SUDs level is down to 0.

4. Then we will use the positive phrases we have created to give you a more positive expectation of public speaking and these might be:

  • I enjoy public speaking
  • Public speaking comes easily to me
  • I love being able to share what I know with other people
  • I feel excited by public speaking

The process is simple, but extremely effective. It is useful to work with someone as sometimes it’s a bit like massage you don’t always want to work on the bits that hurt by yourself.

An hours EFT session costs

If you would like to arrange a session (by video call at the moment) give me a ring on:07905006678