What is EFT and how does it work?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) otherwise known as tapping is an energy therapy that works by tapping on a variety of acupressure points whilst repeating phrases that relate to the issue you want to work on. These acupressure points are located on the head and upper body. It helps you shift self limiting beliefs and move closer to the goals. It can you let go of fears such as a fear of snakes, heights or flying. And work with those back seat beliefs that make life seem like an uphill struggle ie. I cannot manage money, I’m too old to learn, I’ll always be poor. See more that EFT can help with.

Everything is energy at it’s very basic level. If you look at the chair that you are sitting on it is made up of millions of atoms vibrating at a rate that gives that chair colour and solidity. You and I are made up of energy too. Emotion is also energy. The body is known to have its own energetic system of Chakras, Meridians and Aura.  On an energetic level EFT works to clear the negative energy stored in the meridians related to our memories and experiences. On a physical level, EFT helps to clear or lower the bodies stress response fight, flight or freeze. The bodies fight or flight response was originally an important defense mechanism that alerted us to danger and allowed us to escape (sending blood away from the brain to muscles) and run away or fight with strength against a predator. We don’t need this fight or flight response to protect ourselves in the same way today, but modern life still triggers it. Each time we come across a similar situation to the one that originally alarmed or scared us (and here each person’s experiences are different), it triggers this stress reaction and puts us into a hyper alert state ready to run or fight, but not to think our way through.

EFT clears the negative emotions and energetic patterns behind a memory or experience, lowers the stress response allowing us to view the experience in a more positive light and move on. Or if the situation or experience comes around again lowering the stress associated with it and allowing us to think our way through and not to react as we might have before. It does not erase the memory but enables us see more clearly.

What to expect from an EFT session.